Vision X Cube Shockwave

The Vision X Cube Shockwave is one of the most adaptable lighting devices in the market. It is designed to be a direct replacement for fluorescent lighting fixtures, but it can do so much more.

Available in lengths of 12,24,36 and 48” while delivering 4500 effective lumens per foot, the Vision X Cube Shockwave is more efficient while producing a high light output. In fact, each 1’ panel on the Shockwave is equivalent to 4’ fluorescent tube. The innovative technology behind the cube LED also increases efficiency and produces a wide 180° beam. It comes with a universal mounting bracket which makes install a breeze.

The Vision X Cube is great choice for both industrial and commercial use such as in mining, workshops, heavy plant, ports and even retail stores. Their rugged design makes them ideal even in the harshest conditions. Available in AC or DC variants.

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