Vision X Dark Sky 50W Junction Box Light

Excessive light pollution at night can cause sky glow (halo over urban areas); glare (unused horizontal light); light trespass (unwanted light spilled over adjacent properties); and over-illumination (non-functional use of light).

This can have negative side effects for surrounding population/homes and ecosystems. This is why a light fixture that is able to control the light output and meet Dark Sky DS43 compliances is a great solution. The Vision X Dark Sky 50W Junction Box is designed with a painted bezel to eliminate light bleed, whilst emitting effective lumens at a lower/warmer 2800K colour temperature.

With a flexible 90-305V AC voltage input, this industrial light fixture is IP68 and IP69K rated, vibration tested to 15.6Grms, and comes in Spot 10°, Narrow 25°, Medium 40°, Flood 60°, Wide Flood 90° or Elliptical beam patterns. Diverse mounting options for a ceiling, wall or pole makes this fixture suitable for many industrial and structural applications such as: walkways, conveyors, corridors, pedestrian paths, tunnels, access gates, small warehouses and other small areas. To learn more: Click Here