When the temperature drops and visibility is compromised

When the temperature drops and visibility is compromised, your driving lights need to be able to handle the extreme operating conditions.

While some fixtures are clearly not up to the task, the ABL 3800 LED heavy duty driving light has been designed to thrive in harsh working environments with a number of features that make it the ideal solution for applications such as a snow plough.

Subjected to extremely cold and wet conditions, a snow plough’s driving lights need to be built tough. The 3800 LED features impressive IP 68 and IP 69K ratings and can operate effectively within a temperature range of -40°C through to +85°C.

Suited for driving over uneven terrain, the fixture offers a high vibration resistance of 15 Grms from 24 to 2000Hz and a shock resistance of 60 G, ensuring the reliability of the DOT/SAE/ECE homologated driving lights package even in the most demanding conditions.

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