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Adaptive LED Motorcycle Headlight for improved cornering

July 6, 2018

Poor visibility when cornering can prove a real hazard for motorcyclists riding at night. But J.W. Speaker Corporation has been turning that blind spot into a bright spot for a number of years with the world’s first dynamically Adaptive Motorcycle Headlight. (more…)

Flexible light strips rated for outdoor use

July 2, 2018

XTL LED Light Strips are the only extremely thin and extremely flexible light strips that are rated for outdoor use. Create special lighting effects for virtually any application with XTL, a family of flexible, lightweight, ultra-thin LED lighting strips. (more…)

Collision avoidance technology from PRECO Electronics

June 28, 2018

It can be scary to see just how much you can miss in a blind spot. Contact APS for the latest in collision avoidance technology from PRECO Electronics. (more…)

Proven replacement for OEM standard halogen fixtures

June 6, 2018

Used extensively worldwide for demanding applications across a range of industries, the ABL 1100 Series of lights are a proven replacement for OEM standard halogen fixtures. (more…)

ECCO 12+ Series lightbar – evolved to meet the needs of the market

May 30, 2018

The new 12+ Series Lightbar from ECCO is the upgraded version of the highly successful Vantage 12 Series Lightbar, featuring redesigned electronics, ICE optics, an integrated safety director and an optional advanced touch-pad or J-Box controller. (more…)

PreView Sentry rear and forward blind spot monitoring

May 25, 2018

PRECO Electronics PreView Sentry – taking collision mitigation to its highest level with technology designed to measure the location and speed of up to 16 objects or people simultaneously. (more…)

Bacteria-killing patient compartment light

May 16, 2018

Since the most basic light-emitting diode was developed in the 1960s, LEDs and their uses have come a very long way. While we know the applications and advantages of the versatile light source in industrial and commercial settings, our suppliers are pushing the boundaries of their utilisation in a huge range of environments. (more…)

Single and multi-colour directional LED lights by ECCO

May 4, 2018

ECCO’s ED3701 and ED3702 Series of directional lights are now more versatile than ever following the manufacturer’s latest update to their popular fixtures. Already featuring an ultra-low profile, wide-angle optics and multiple flash patterns, the range of warning lights now also offer chrome and black bezel options, ensuring they create a sleek, finished look on any vehicle. (more…)

Industrial Lighting & Warning – Ports & Airports

April 17, 2018

APS has recently launched a new product line of lighting and safety solutions for ports and airports. These cost-effective fixtures are certified to meet government and industry compliances, and the harsh environmental conditions that ports and airports operate under. (more…)

Vision X takes LED lighting reliability to new heights

April 5, 2018

Performance, reliability and lower maintenance requirements are key qualities promoted as setting LED light fixtures apart from their HID equivalents on the work site. But there’s nothing like a little hard evidence to back up the benefits. (more…)

ABL LED3000 replacement for heavy-duty HID/Halogen work lamps

March 27, 2018

The 2500 Series ABL (5”x5”) Halogen work lamps have long been the OE standard for a wide variety of heavy equipment. Among the fixtures in this series is the ABL LED3000, a rugged work lamp that offers the same current draw as a HID Ballast work lamp (40W) yet outputs an impressive 3000 effective lumens. (more…)

The Model 785 work light for CASE skid steers

March 15, 2018

Looking for increased visibility with decreased power usage? The new Model 785 work light from J.W. Speaker Corporation is an economic solution for lighting up dark work-sites, offering a brighter, whiter output while using less power. Able to be retrofit on a range of CASE Skid Steer Loaders with 12V DC systems, the 5” x 3” LED work light features a trapezoid beam pattern, which ensures the light is focused where the driver needs it most. (more…)

Premium interior lighting from ECCO

March 7, 2018

Introducing ECCO’s new premium interior lighting line. With an added water ingress protection rating and simplified High-Bond Tape installation on many of these new lights, we’ve given you the power and durability to customize your lumens where you need them. (more…)

Remote lighting for drill rig project

February 27, 2018

Finding the right product to suit a client’s needs isn’t always about the most powerful fixtures. APS recently completed a lighting project for Thiess, who needed remotely controlled access lights with low current draw for a ground core drill. (more…)

ECCO 12+ Series Vantage SAE Class I LED Lightbar

January 30, 2018

The 12+ Series lightbars are versatile and powerful warning devices suitable for a range of vehicle types and duties, and with numerous options and lengths available. (more…)

ECCO Semi-Permanent Mount

May 28, 2017

ECCO’s self-adhesive mounting base utilizes high-bond tape to provide a semipermanent, durable mounting solution. Designed for the toughest of jobs, the high-bond tape allows for countless mounting locations and is strong enough to meet the demand of heavy-duty applications. (more…)

A fine line between Safety & Danger

May 25, 2017

The Model 793 by JW Speaker will revolutionise safety zone indicator lighting. It offers best-in-class light intensity and light quality; it’s the industry’s only UL Recognised safety zone light; and it comes in three colour configurations (Red, Amber, or Blue) to create the best solution for each industry and application. (more…)

Introducing Fitment Brackets for Metric Motorcycles

April 11, 2017

Most LED headlight upgrades do not offer a direct plug & play installation, but now J.W. Speaker has a variety of adapter ring kits available to retrofit their 7” round Adaptive Series™ headlight on over 1,000 different motorcycles! (more…)

Safety on the Road with PreView Side Defender

November 7, 2016

PreView Side Defender radar is the most advanced side object detection radar available for on-road medium and heavy-duty trucks. Side Defender accurately detects objects in the truck’s side blind zones and notifies the operator with both audible and visual alerts. These active alerts warn the operator of potential collisions, allowing them to take the appropriate action. Side Defender is the next generation of side blind zone collision mitigation. (more…)

Side Defender & Sentry Radar System From Preco Electronics

October 20, 2016

Preco Electronics has released two new PreView products: Side Defender and Sentry. The PreView Side Defender has been developed specifically for the over-the-road (OTR) markets including trucking, municipalities, waste and recycling. According to independent research, the incidence of highway and urban collisions are rising by almost 10% per year. (more…)

Twin LED Headlight System for Polaris

July 10, 2016

Vision X has released a new twin LED headlight system for Polaris RZR XP Turbo/1000 (2014+) models. This plug and play system utilises four Vision X Optimus Round series of lights, outputting a massive total of 2,946 effective lumens (4,208 raw lumens), providing 305m (883 ft) of useable light. (more…)

Speaker 8415 updated to an Evolution Series

May 23, 2016

The Speaker 8415 has been updated to an Evolution Series solution, delivering even better performance with a new, lightweight yet durable platform.  (more…)

Speaker 4415 meets portability in the 4416

May 19, 2016

The Model 4416 handheld LED work light takes the power and durability of the Model 4415 spot light to a new level of portability!  (more…)

Collision Alert Systems Video by Preco Electronics

May 8, 2016

Preco Electronics have released a new promotional video for their range of collision alert systems. (more…)

A-Pillar Light Mount Kits for Jeep

May 5, 2016

These new A-Pillar brackets are designed to work with the Speaker Models TS3001R and TS3001V auxiliary lights, and the Speaker Model 4415 LED work lights, allowing customers to easily mount lights directly to the A-Pillars of their Jeep. (more…)

Now can replace your dated jelly jars!

May 1, 2016

Bright things come in small packages … and now can replace your dated jelly jars!

Phoenix’s top-selling LED area light is now available as a vapor-proof, wall mount fixture. Your doorway, walkway and perimeter lighting needs are met with the durability and efficiency Phoenix always delivers. (more…)

How sensor fusion can improve safety

March 28, 2016

Preco Electronics discusses how the connections of various systems create a connected vehicle, an operator that is more aware, and reporting is automatic. (more…)

Speaker’s first motorcycle retrofit upgrade for PAR46 headlights

February 28, 2016

A perfect balance between form & function, the new Model 8690 M Series by JW Speaker offers an innovative retrofit LED upgrade for ANY motorcycle with a 5.75″ headlight. (more…)

Speaker A523BLU with Yellow Housing

February 16, 2016

Building on the success of the popular Model 770 BLU LED Spot Light – the product that set the standard in lift-truck safety, Speaker have launched a new model: the A523BLU LED spot light, and it comes in a yellow housing! (more…)

ABL 3800 LED – Heavy-duty combination driving light

February 15, 2016

The ABL 3800 LED by ABL Lights is a 100% LED combination driving light that is ECE approved and designed for on-road and off-road vehicles. (more…)