Colour Wireless Camera System by ECCO

Introducing ECCO’s new wireless reversing camera system. Featuring quality and functionality equal to wired systems, the EC5605-WK wireless reversing camera system dramatically decreases installation complexity and expense.

ECCO EC5605-WK LCD Colour Wireless System So don’t be the last in the business wasting time, energy and money hardwiring reversing camera systems. Utilising ECCO’s unique monitor and camera design, the EC5605-WK comprises a feature-packed 5.6” LCD high-resolution touchscreen colour monitor and CMOS colour infrared camera, delivering excellent picture quality even in low-light conditions. The compact monitor with choice of two mounting brackets allows for easy and unobtrusive installation without compromising viewable screen area. System is expandable up to four cameras.

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ECCO EC5605-WK Wireless Camera System-wide