For 40 years ECCO has designed and manufactured some of the world’s most effective and innovative visual and audible warning equipment for commercial vehicles, providing superior protection and enhanced safety both on job sites and out on the road.

As the leading manufacturer of reversing safety products and amber warning lights, ECCO’s years of specialist expertise in the industry enable us to deliver extremely robust, effective and reliable products that utilise the most up to date technology.


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ECCO 2019 Safety Solutions Product Guide
ECCO 2019 Safety Solutions Product Guide
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Shop Talk

ECCO Shop Talk videos by Jeff Turpen (Product Manager at ECCO Safety Group) showcases a great selection of ECCO products. Click on any of the video thumbnail images below to play the video in a larger popup video player.

12+ White Base Lightbar
EW0206 Worklamp
EW2441A Worklamp
3945 & 3965 Directional LEDs

EW2601 Worklamp
400 Series Alarm
ED3700 Series
ED3779 Directional

ET0010 Roadside Warning Device
ED9040 Directional
LED DOT Headlights
Focus360 Remote Spotlight

EW2102 Worklight

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Market-specific Solutions

ECCO Utility Solutions

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ECCO Transit Van Solutions

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ECCO Tow Solutions

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ECCO Construction Solutions

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ECCO Highway Solutions

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ECCO Refuse Solutions

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ECCO Mining Solutions

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Ecco 2016 Interior Lighting (Press Release)
Ecco 2016 Interior Lighting
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