Sideview Mirror 2 Light Kit by Speaker

The 4415 is a sideview mirror kit by JW Speaker, which is perfect for illuminating the places normal reverse lights don’t reach, making reversing into difficult corners or unlit areas such as loading docks and construction sites a breeze. 

Speaker A4415 Side View Light KitThis new kit uses the existing Speaker 4415 LED work light with a new pre-assembled shroud. Kit includes two lights, with a shroud mounted in right-hand and left-hand orientations.

Utilising the powerful 4415 LED work light with a spot beam pattern, this new kit is intended to be mounted on the side mirrors or forward of the driver with the shroud (snoot) oriented to block the light from the driver / operator’s eyes, providing maximum visibility rearward.

The kit can also be mounted elsewhere on the truck, such as on the back or side of a sleeper cab, to provide additional lighting.

Combining high performance optics, light weight design and new shroud for maximum visibility, the A4415 Side View Mirror Kit is ideal for commercial trucks & buses!

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Speaker A4415 Side View Light Kit
Speaker A4415 Side View Light Kit mounting