Speaker A7150 Series 5,100Lu 72W LED Work Lamp August 2010

Drawing approximately 3A at 24V, this new LED work lamp, outputs the equivalent of 1.6 times the raw lumens of the xenon / HID work lamps.


The A7150 is set to truly launch the LED work lamps as being viable alternatives to the current HID/Xenon work lamps. Past comments have been that LED’s simply don’t get enough light where it is needed; On the ground in the work zone.

All that has changed with significant changes not only in the raw lumen output of LED’s but in the optics being used . Halogen and HID style reflectors just aren’t efficient. A collecting system of lenses is used to collimate the light and then to efficiently focus it onto the work zone where it is needed.

As a result the new A7150’s offer a true alternative to HID / Xenon work lamps. The A7150 is both lower in profile and lighter than the A9720 HID; And it dramatically outperforms it. At 5,100 Raw Lumens and 3,000 Effective Lumens the A7150 produces a work light output equivalent to 1.5x to 2.0x the output of the A9720 HID.

Contact your local APS Office / Dealer for a copy of the beam pattern comparison between these fixtures.


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