Upgraded Product March 2010: Speaker A520 Series LED Work Lamp March 2010

A523 Available in Medium & Narrow Flood



The A520 series is now available in a 40degree (MF – Medium Flood) and 20degree (NF – Narrow Flood) flood beam pattern. The improved LED’s featured in the A520 Series now output 8,100 Raw Lumens and 4,000 Effective Lumens.

Tested extensively in heavy equipment trials since October 2009.

A523-24V-WF: 24V Wide Flood
A523-24V-NF: 24V 40 Degree NarrowFlood
A523-24V-MF: 24V 20 Degree Medium Flood


A523-24V-WF: 24V Wide Flood


A523-24V-NF: 24V 20 Degree Narrow Flood


A523-24V-MF: 24V 40 Degree Medium Flood

For more information about the Speaker A523 Series please click here.