Vision X XPI LED Light Bar May 2014

Vision X Lighting introduces the Xmitter Prime Iris Light Bar series or XPI


The XPI series is launching with 7 different lengths, ranging from 11.52 to 512, and a single beam option.

IRIS Reflector technology was first introduced with the Optimus Series in 2012, using deeply recessed reflectors to achieve unmatched distance in a light if that size. Another new innovation in these light bars is the use of tilting reflectors, allowing the outer 3 LEDs on each end of the light bars (sizes above 6 LED) to tilt out to create a mixed or combo beam pattern. Incresing the spread of the light, tilting reflectors creates even more visibility for the driver.

Vision X Lighting’s patented, premium LED lights feature an Extended Lifetime Ltd. Warranty to ensure the highest customer satisfaction.

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