J.W. Speaker Model 93 LED Headlights

J.W. Speaker Model 93 LED Headlights

Brand: J.W. Speaker
Origin: USA

J.W. Speaker Model 93 LED Headlights

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J.W. Speaker’s LED Model 93 sets a new standard for 90mm headlights & fog turn/DRL. This LED light is designed to be a drop-in replacement for buses, articulated haul trucks, tractors, and trams. 3-point mounting system for single or double headlight. Also available with pedestal mount option.

J.W. Speaker Model 93 LED Headlights Features & Benefits  

  • Drop-in replacement for standard 90mm lights
  • 100% ECE & DOT compliant 90mm lights for legal on-road use
  • Individually packaged with mounting options sold separately
  • Complete flexibility to choose the correct light and mounting configuration for every
  • Choose from 3-point mounts for 1.5mm or 3mm thick mounting plates
  • Meets the tough criteria for IP67 and IP69K for the best protection
  • Re-designed die-cast aluminium housing features a sealed integrated connector to meet the harsh demands of transportation and other on-road applications
  • Pedestal mount brackets can be positioned at 90-degree intervals while maintaining
    pattern integrity and legality

J.W. Speaker Model 93 LED 5-In-1 Headlights Video  

J.W. Speaker Model 93 LED Headlights Specifications  

Color Temperature5000K
LumensMotorcycle Headlights (0560391, 0560401)
1,827 rLumens (High Beam), 1,325 rLumens (Low Beam),
683 eLumens (High Beam), 495 eLumens (Low Beam)

Single function Headlights
630 rLumens, 230 eLumens (0552071, 0554381)
1,910 rLumens, 575 eLumens (0553081, 0553091, 0553101)
1,435 rLumens, 607 eLumens (0556701)
CandelaMotorcycle Headlights (0560391, 0560401)
44,000 Candela

Single function Headlights
7,500 Candela (0556701)
18,500 Candela (0553091, 0553101)
45,000 Candela (0552071, 0554381, 0553081)
Beam PatternMotorcycle Headlights (0560391, 0560401)
High Beam (DOT/ECE), Low Beam (DOT/ECE), Signalization (FP) (0560391)
High Beam (ECE), Low Beam (DOT/ECE), Daytime Running Light (DRL), Signalization (FP) (0560401)

Single function Headlights
High Beam (DOT/ECE) (0552071)
High Beam (DOT/ECE), Signalization (FP) (0554381)
Low Beam (DOT), Daytime Running Light (DRL) (0553081)
Low Beam (ECE Left Hand) (0553091)
Low Beam (ECE Right Hand) (0553101)
Fog (0556701)
Daytime Running Light (DRL), Signalization (FP), Signalization (Turn) (0347941)
Current DrawMotorcycle Headlights (0560391, 0560401)
1.35A @ 12V DC (Low Beam), 1.96A @ 12V DC (High Beam), 0.11A @ 12V DC (Front Position) (0560391)
1.35A @ 12V DC (Low Beam), 1.96A @ 12V DC (High Beam), 0.11A @ 12V DC (Front Position), 1.33A @ 12V DC (DRL) (0560391)

Single function Headlights
0.8A @ 12V DC, 0.4A @ 24V DC (High Beam) (0552071, 0554381),
1.97A @ 12V DC, 0.98A @ 24V DC (Low Beam) (0553081, 0553091, 0553101)
0.4A @ 12V DC, 0.2A @ 24V DC (Front Position) (0554381),
1.25A @ 12V DC, 0.7A @ 24V DC (Fog) (0556701)
VoltageMotorcycle Headlights (0560391, 0560401)
12V DC only
Operating Temperature-40°C to +65°C
Standards ComplianceBuy America Standards, ECE Reg 112, ECE Reg 7, Eco Friendly, FMVSS 108 s10.1 (Table XVIII), IEC IP69K
HousingDie-cast aluminium
Mounting90mm Light 3-Point Mount for 1.5mm Mounting Frame (8001461)
90mm Light 3-Point Mount for 3mm Mounting Frame (8001471)
Weight1.18 lbs (0.54 kgs)

J.W. Speaker Model 93 LED Headlights ​Specification Flyer (PDF)  


J.W. Speaker Model 93 LED Headlights are suitable for:
BELL B18E, B25E, B30E, B40E, B45E, B50E, B60E articulated dump truck
BELL 125F Cane Loader, BELL 225F HP Tele Logger, BELL 225F Crank Logger,
BELL 225F Forklift LED headlight replacement

Volvo A30F, A25C, A60H, A35D, A40F, A60H, A30G, A40G, A25G, A35G, A30D, A25D, A45G,
A45GFS, A30E, A35F, A30C, A25F, A40, A40E, A45G, A25E, A40F, A30G, A30F, A35E, A35C,
A40F, A40G, A40E, A40GFS, A25F, A20, A25G, A20C, A 35, A 25, A 30, A 20, 860, 861

Moxy MT 30 R, MT 31, MT 25, MT 40 B, MT 30 S, MT 41, MT 26,
MT 36, 5222 B, 6225 B, 6227 B, 7235 B, MT 36 Serve II

Applications: Buses and trucks, civil machinery, agriculture, construction machinery, automotive, material handling, mining, motorcycle, off-road 4x4, railroad, specialty vehicles, powersports

Width: 3.54" (90 mm), Height: 3.54" (90 mm), Depth: 3.74" (95 mm)

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