PreView® FMCW 24Ghz radar

PreView® FMCW 24Ghz radar

Brand: PreView
Origin: USA

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PreView® FMCW 24Ghz radar Features & Benefits  

  • Single SKU programmable across broad Field Of View range
  • Smaller size allows more flexible mounting options
  • Customizable CAN-bus integration
  • Ideal for integration with vision systems.

Engineered for Heavy Duty Applications:

  • Polycarbonate Radome enclosure
  • IP69K
  • Tested to operate in extreme environments
  • Heat/Cold
  • Vibration/Shock
  • Dirt, Mud, Snow, Ice, Rock
  • Flush mount

Intelligent Radar:

  • 24GHz FMCW Narrowband for worldwide markets
  • FMCW + Doppler (Pulse-Doppler)
  • Intelligent processor – supports adaptable FOV, filtering algorithms, and communication message formats
  • Range +30meters
  • Field of View: Programmable
  • +/-75º horizontal
  • +/- 10º vertical


  • Learning mode – fixed object filtering
  • Range and FOV modes
  • Custom CAN commands/logic
  • CAN Bus Firmware Loader

Sensor Integration:

  • CAN Bus – message/program
  • Ethernet Option

Applications: Heavy equipment, mining, agriculture, oil & gas, construction, long-haul, trucks, material handling, port & marine, military, utility vehicles