PreView Sentry®79 – 79GHz Radar System

PreView Sentry®79 – 79GHz Radar System

Brand: PreView
Origin: USA

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PreView Sentry 79GHz Front & Rear Detection Radar Solution
Sensata’s PreView Sentry®79 is an advanced 79 GHz front and rear detection radar sensor designed to enhance driver awareness and minimise the risk of blind spot related accidents. The sensor has a fully configurable detection zone, with the ability to detect objects at ranges up to 40 meters (131 feet). The width of the detection zone is adjustable to fit almost any vehicle type to keep operators and job sites safer. With its high-precision radar technology, the PreView Sentry®79 provides drivers with real-time, reliable information about objects in their blind spots, significantly reducing the potential for collisions during take-off and backing manoeuvres. It is the industry’s most flexible, accurate, and powerful active blind spot monitoring solution available.

The expansion of Sensata’s PreView® Radar product line is the result of over two decades of experience working with drivers, fleets, body builders, and OEMs to understand and deliver on requirements and preferences for radar-based collision mitigation solutions.

PreView Sentry®79 – 79GHz Radar System Features & Benefits  

  • 79GHz FMCW (Frequency-Modulated Continuous Wave) radar
  • Programmable range and width
  • Detects, tracks, and reports the location of up to 64 people and objects simultaneously
  • Detect objects from the face of the radar up to 50 meters (160 feet)
  • UN Regulation No. 159 Moving Off Information System (MOIS) Compliant
  • Environmentally hardened and robust (IP6K9K)

PreView Sentry 79GHz System Integration

PreView Sentry®79 – 79GHz Radar System Specifications  

Frequency Band77-81 GHz Bandwidth, FMCW Waveform
Communication Interface2x CAN 2.0b. J1939 250/500 Kbits/sec. (1 Mbps/sec. option)
RangeConfigurable from 0.5-40m
Range Resolution0.2 m
Range Accuracy±0.2 m
Vertical Field of View±10 degrees
Horizontal Field of View±75 degrees
Max Doppler Velocity±14.3 m/s
Doppler Resolution0.5 m/s
Doppler Accuracy±0.2 m/s
Number of Raw TargetsUp to 64
Number of Target TracksUp to 64
Update Rate50 ms
Input Power9-33V DC up to 600 mA max
Auxiliary Input/Auxilary Output9-33V DC / 9-33V DC - Switch to Ground
Operating/Storage Temperature-40° to +85° C/-55° to +105° C
System DiagnosticsBuilt in Self Test (BIST), Sensor Blockage Warning
Enclosure TemperatureIP6K9K
Connector Type TE GET64, HDSCS 12 pin

PreView Sentry 24GHz vs 79GHz Radar Technology

Sensor SpecificationsPreView Sentry®PreView Sentry®79
Transmitter24GHz Narrow Band79GHz FMCW Waveform
Protection RatingIP69KIP6K9K
Dimensions (WxHxD)4.90x4.06x1.8"4.65x4.23x1.54"
Weight1.15 lb0.5 lb
Configurable Range0 – 30m0.2 – 40m
Cycle Time80 ms50 ms
Target Detection Time240 ms150 ms
Mounting LocationMounted centre of vehicleCan be mounted off centre
Area of Interest5 Zones. Can be adjusted to cover desired area in front or rear of vehicle5 Zones. Can be adjusted asymmetrically to cover desired area in front or rear of vehicle. 2 configurable detection areas for equipment specific customisation
Frequency24.00 – 24.25 GHz78.6 – 79.4 GHz (800 MHz)
Operating ConditionsOperates in all weather conditionsOperates in all weather conditions

PreView Sentry®79 – 79GHz Radar System Specifications Flyer (PDF)  

Applications: Heavy equipment, mining, civil, construction, road and utility equipment, forestry, agriculture