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Updated Model – ECCO 7660 Series Gen II rotating beacon

One of the most popular LED beacons on the market, the ECCO 7660 Series Gen II rotating beacon combines all the major benefits of the latest LEDs with the unmistakable warning signal of a rotator.  [+more]

Vision X AC Lights for P&H model 2800, 4100 and 4800 shovels

Reduce unscheduled maintenance and increase the amount of light hitting your work area with Vision X USA’s new AC range of lights, designed as a cost effective retrofit for OEM fixtures on P&H model 2800, 4100 and 4800 shovels.  [+more]

Stay clear of forklift danger zones with J.W. Speaker

J.W. Speaker offers a safety lighting package, designed to help both your operators as well as your working pedestrians on the floor, adding safety precautions and visibility to your warehouse. [+more]

PreView Radar for airport efficiency

Sometimes it takes out-of-the-box thinking to demonstrate how one product can provide an effective solution beyond its most obvious use.  [+more]

ABL LED3000-500 Series – Exceptional output for low wattage

The ideal work light for mobile plant and equipment, ABL’s LED3000-500 Series offer an exceptional output for such a low wattage fixture, with six LEDs producing 3000 effective lumens from just 36W, equating to 40% more light output than HIDs. [+more]

Golight Stryker – Remote controlled LED searchlight

The Golight Stryker is a remote controlled LED searchlight with directional flexibility, allowing the operator a full 370° horizontal rotation and a 135° vertical tilt with fingertip control via a dash mount wired remote or wireless handheld remote.  [+more]

360 degree camera monitoring systems

Reduce collisions, minimize damage & eliminate blind spots with the next generation of 360 degree camera monitoring systems. Images captured from four cameras mounted around the vehicle are combined to deliver a single bird’s-eye-view of the surroundings. [+more]

Visit APS Australia @ AWRE 2018

Solutions for the waste and recycling industries are on show today, with APS Australia representatives in Sydney for the final day of the Australasian Waste & Recycling Expo #AWRE18. [+more]

ECCO EW2015 LED Pedestrian Boundary Spotlight

In a noisy work environment it can be difficult for pedestrians to hear audible warnings used to keep them away from potentially dangerous situations. While visual devices can be effective, stationary or fixed signs are not useful when it comes to creating a “keep out” zone around mobile equipment. [+more]

APS Wheel Nut Retainer from MACS Engineering

Cut the risk of wheel detachments with an innovative solution from MACS Engineering. The Wheel Nut Retainer is an easy fix, locking the wheel nuts firmly in place to eliminate the risk of movement or loosening due to vibration from off-road environments. [+more]

APS Newsletter – Aug 2018

In this edition: ABL 500 LED series – underground lighting application, Putco’s Silver-Lux LED H4 bulb is a cost-effective option for fleet managers, ECCO 7660 Series Gen II rotating beacon, Federal Signal 52 resonating horn produces 114 dBa at 10′ with a 1000 foot range, come visit us at AWRE 2018, PRECO’s PreView radar gives mining loader operators just the right amount of warning, and new safety technology US mandates for new vehicles in the US with a GVWR of less than 10,000 pounds. [+more]

Looking for a versatile firefighting pack?

Looking for a versatile firefighting pack? Check out this video from True North Gear + DragonWear, then give your local APS representative a call to discuss the most suitable pack for you. [+more]

ABL SL850 LED C for service and utility vehicles

Designed to exceed everyday demands in all applications, ABL’s popular SL 850 LED is now also available with a polycarbonate flood cover lens dedicated for applications where cost efficiency is the main criteria. [+more]

SmartHeat™ heated LED lights by Speaker

Winter weather can cause snow and ice build up on the outside of lights, reducing visibility. This creates a dangerous situation not only for you, but to others as well. J.W. Speaker’s line of heated LED lights with SmartHeat™ is redefining lighting with its integrated lens heater technology. [+more]

Dual-color options for the 5550 and 5587 Reflex Series minibar

ECCO’s popular Reflex Series of warning lights has just become even more versatile with the addition of dual-color options for the 5550 Reflex Series 11″ LED Microbar and 5587 Reflex Series 15″ LED Minibar. [+more]

Need high-mast LED lights?

With six size options ranging from 75W (9K Lu) to 560W (67.2K Lu), the LF70 is a versatile light fixture suitable for all types of industrial applications, as well as port terminals, cranes, stadiums and airports. [+more]

APS Newsletter – Jul 2018

In this issue, we take a look at a range of lights designed for P&H shovel retrofits, highlight the benefits of LED combination driving lights in the snow, showcase the next generation of 360 degree camera systems and introduce a new dual-warning back-up alarm. [+more]

Adaptive LED Motorcycle Headlight for improved cornering

Poor visibility when cornering can prove a real hazard for motorcyclists riding at night. But J.W. Speaker Corporation has been turning that blind spot into a bright spot for a number of years with the world’s first dynamically Adaptive Motorcycle Headlight. [+more]

Flexible light strips rated for outdoor use

XTL LED Light Strips are the only extremely thin and extremely flexible light strips that are rated for outdoor use. Create special lighting effects for virtually any application with XTL, a family of flexible, lightweight, ultra-thin LED lighting strips. [+more]

Collision avoidance technology from PRECO Electronics

It can be scary to see just how much you can miss in a blind spot. Contact APS for the latest in collision avoidance technology from PRECO Electronics. [+more]

APS Newsletter – Jun 2018

In this issue, we take a look at a new 180° forklift lighting solution, learn more about the ideal work light for mobile plant and equipment, highlight the LED light favoured by OEMs for their mid-sized heavy equipment and check out a portable yet powerful magnetic work lamp. [+more]

Proven replacement for OEM standard halogen fixtures

Used extensively worldwide for demanding applications across a range of industries, the ABL 1100 Series of lights are a proven replacement for OEM standard halogen fixtures. [+more]

ECCO 12+ Series lightbar – evolved to meet the needs of the market

The new 12+ Series Lightbar from ECCO is the upgraded version of the highly successful Vantage 12 Series Lightbar, featuring redesigned electronics, ICE optics, an integrated safety director and an optional advanced touch-pad or J-Box controller. [+more]

PreView Sentry rear and forward blind spot monitoring

PRECO Electronics PreView Sentry – taking collision mitigation to its highest level with technology designed to measure the location and speed of up to 16 objects or people simultaneously. [+more]

Bacteria-killing patient compartment light

Since the most basic light-emitting diode was developed in the 1960s, LEDs and their uses have come a very long way. While we know the applications and advantages of the versatile light source in industrial and commercial settings, our suppliers are pushing the boundaries of their utilisation in a huge range of environments. [+more]

APS Newsletter – May 2018

In this issue, we introduce you to a new line of emergency back-up industrial lights, highlight a great option for replacing OEM standard halogen fixtures and shine a light on the brightest new additions to our vehicle driving light and motorcycle headlight ranges. [+more]

Single and multi-colour directional LED lights by ECCO

ECCO’s ED3701 and ED3702 Series of directional lights are now more versatile than ever following the manufacturer’s latest update to their popular fixtures. Already featuring an ultra-low profile, wide-angle optics and multiple flash patterns, the range of warning lights now also offer chrome and black bezel options, ensuring they create a sleek, finished look on any vehicle. [+more]

Industrial Lighting & Warning – Ports & Airports

APS has recently launched a new product line of lighting and safety solutions for ports and airports. These cost-effective fixtures are certified to meet government and industry compliances, and the harsh environmental conditions that ports and airports operate under. [+more]

APS Newsletter – Apr 2018

In this issue, we examine the versatility of our new AC structural lighting range; learn more about high mast LEDs; highlight the importance of protecting against wheel detachment and demonstrate the effectiveness of collision awareness systems in reducing accidents on site. [+more]

Vision X takes LED lighting reliability to new heights

Performance, reliability and lower maintenance requirements are key qualities promoted as setting LED light fixtures apart from their HID equivalents on the work site. But there’s nothing like a little hard evidence to back up the benefits. [+more]