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Vision X Corrosion Resistant 10W Junction Box

Corrosive environments are harsh on lighting, causing premature burnouts and failures. Not having enough illumination on the worksite, due to burnouts and failures is a safety concern. Why consider the Vision X Corrosion Resistant 10W Junction Box? [+more]

J.W. Speaker 8770 Locomotive

The most powerful FRA-approved replacement solution for 7″ locomotive headlights has just become even better with the addition of a heated lens which provides added safety and increased visibility in low temperatures. [+more]

True North Stealth Radio Harness

Radio communication is imperative for those in construction, mining, security, ambulance, police, and fire. But carrying a radio can become uncomfortable, especially if you having to wear it for hours at a time. Why consider the True North Stealth Radio Harness for your fire and emergency services personnel? [+more]

ABL LED5000 Heavy-duty LED Work Light

Why consider the ABL LED5000 Heavy-Duty LED Worklight for your fleet of heavy vehicles or machinery in mining, construction, agriculture, or anywhere a heavy-duty vibration-resistant lighting fixture is needed? [+more]

Federal Signal 450E Vibratone Electronic Horn

Why consider this horn for your general alarm requirements? Distinctive tone that is loud and clear, providing 109dBa@1m (99dBa@10′), making it ideal for indoor/outdoor industrial applications including: [+more]

ABL LED5000 Series Heavy-duty Work Lamp

With exceptional output and performance, the ABL LED5000 (2500 Series) is sure to please. Trusted by many OE manufacturers, the ABL LED5000 has built a reputation for excellent performance, minimal power draw, and durability. The work lamp has a total of 10 LEDs which produce 5000 effective lumens from just 57W. [+more]

J.W. Speaker Model 93 LED Headlight

Are you concerned about the lengthy downtime involved with pulling your fleet of buses, trucks, articulated haul-trucks, or agricultural tractors from critical operations just to replace a low cost headlight? [+more]

ECCO ED3511 Series

Safety is the number one priority in any worksite, that is the reason why vehicles and heavy machinery are equipped with beacons. These have become a common safety fixture that has helped keep workers safe by warning oncoming traffic, or those in the general area, of potential danger. [+more]

ABL LED3000 500 Series – Asymmetrical Flood Lights

ABL’s LED3000 500 Series asymmetrical flood LED Flood Lights are designed to direct more light on those areas previously left in the dark by standard flood patterns, making them ideal for applications where both close range and extra-wide angles are needed. [+more]