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ABL 500 Series LED2000 Amber Work Lamp

Weather conditions severely impact visibility and safety! Glare from white light shining on fog, rain, and snow can create dangerous driving conditions for drivers and oncoming traffic. [+more]

J.W. Speaker Model 560 Warning Projector Light

Working in confined areas such as warehouses can be dangerous. With both machinery and workers sharing spaces keeping safe can be a challenge. Solutions such as red / blue spot and the linear boundary light have proven effective in the past. Building on these solutions J.W. Speaker developed the Model 560 Warning Projector Light. [+more]

ECCO 12+ Pro Vantage Series LED Lightbar

ECCO’s best-selling lightbar just got better.  Introducing the 12+ Pro! Keeping all the great benefits that you currently enjoy but adding more functionality to the bar with new features such as the ability to do cuts, which increases safety for the user. [+more]

Vision X 10W Junction Box Light

The Vision X 10W Junction Box Light can be directly bolted on where the OEM door and access panel lighting had been fixed, with a robust mount and guaranteed light operation to reduce unexpected machine downtime. [+more]

ORALITE VC612HT High-tack Fluorescent Green Tape

Suitable for Mining Applications. Keeping worksites safe and accident-free requires solutions that make it easier for operators to spot vehicles and machinery. Reflective tape is one of the easiest solutions for increasing visibility. [+more]

Federal Signal eHorn-HV

The eHorn-HV High Vibration Electronic horn offers all the great features of the Model 52 but improves its durability. [+more]

True North CH210 – Chainsaw Pack

With a historic fire season in the Northern Hemisphere and the rapidly approaching fire season in the Southern Hemisphere, first responders must be confident that their gear will perform when needed. When an emergency occurs, seconds matter! [+more]

Vision X Portable Paver Kit

The Portable Paver Kit from Vision X provides light exactly where you need it. This handy lighting unit is completely portable, meaning it can be removed or attached at will. This reduces inventory cost as it can be transferred between units. [+more]

ECCO ED3794 Ultraflex Series

Adding directional lighting can be a challenge as new trucks and vehicles no longer have a boxy design. Instead, they feature sleek designs with a lot of curves. This has forced installers to place directional lighting where you can find flat services, not where the light would be more effective. [+more]

True North Stealth Radio Harness

Radio communication is imperative for those in construction, mining, security, ambulance, police, and fire.  But carrying a radio can become uncomfortable, especially if you having to wear it for hours at a time. [+more]

PreView Sentry Radar System

Mine sites can be dangerous. With heavy equipment constantly in motion, it is difficult for operators to see people, vehicles, or objects. [+more]

ECCO ED3777 Directional Light

Whether you are at the construction site or working on the side of the road, it’s important to have a visual warning device to alert those around you. [+more]

Vision X Cube Shockwave

The Vision X Cube Shockwave is one of the most adaptable lighting devices in the market. It is designed to be a direct replacement for fluorescent lighting fixtures, but it can do so much more. [+more]

ECCO 3rd Brake Light

Installing a permanent mount mini-bar or beacon requires drilling into roof your truck which many are hesitant to do, especially if it is their personal truck. [+more]