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J.W. Speaker Model 210 Solar LED Flasher Light

Warning lights are used to create a safer environment where humans and machine co-exist. Whether it’s operators of rail or mine vehicles to people travelling on a unlit country road, warning lights are a crucial safety device. [+more]

J.W. Speaker Model 93 Headlight

Are you concerned about lengthy downtime involved with pulling your fleet of buses, trucks, articulated haul-trucks, or agricultural tractors from critical operations just to replace a low cost headlight? [+more]

ECCO Pre-Built Mine Bar Range

Achieving LV lighting and safety standards often requires a myriad of devices; beacons, minibars, backup-alarms, work/alley lights, stop-tail lights, indicator lights, reversing lights, wiring looms – wondering where to start! [+more]

J.W. Speaker 8700 Evolution 3 LED Headlights

Basic stock-standard headlights on your fleet of trucks, buses, or utility vehicles do not provide the versatility, feature-set, or durability that you should expect. There is a light that offers so much more! [+more]

Vision X 2 and 3 Digit LED VID Boards

Vehicle ID (VID) number boards allow personnel to quickly and easily identify vehicles and machinery on the mine or work site. However not all ID boards are built to run continuously in any weather conditions, and also have the flexibility for the ID to be changed as often as needed. [+more]

J.W. Speaker Model 538 & 539 Red/Green LED Indicator Lights

Indicator lights let the driver know if they need to buckle up or are good to go. Forklift and material handling vehicles are constantly on the move, and safety is paramount to provide protection for drivers, warehouse personnel, objects and other vehicles. [+more]

DragonWear Pro Dry® Tech Face Mask 5-pack

Many powerline and utility workers around the US are required to wear facial coverings on the job to meet the current health guidelines, but what about PPE masks that offer all-day protection from the harsh weather conditions? [+more]

No More Dead Batteries!!

Vehicles and machinery rely on optimally charged batteries, however with the high amount of auxiliary/peripheral devices connected these days, dead batteries become more commonplace – and that means downtime! [+more]

Compact high output LED flood light

The LF70ES series LED flood light is specifically designed for harsh environment applications of ports, mine sites, ring roads,  and general industrial area flood lighting environments. [+more]

The ultimate LED beacon for SAE Class I applications

Are your strobes and rotating beacons on your fleet, utility or light vehicles giving you issues? Or maybe you just want a beacon that provides the ultimate balance of power, light intensity, versatility, and style with zero maintenance. [+more]

ABL RL, RT, and RLA Series

Look no further for the perfect all-round compact OEM quality LED light for fleets, support and utility equipment, service trucks, fork lifts, and small to mid-size construction equipment. [+more]

J.W. Speaker 8700 EVO 2

Dramatically improve driver visibility with the Model 8700 EVO 2 Dual Burn headlights by J.W. Speaker. By offering enhanced visibility and plug-and-play convenience, these ECE compliant headlights are designed to increase the amount of light on the road ahead by keeping the low beam optics turned on when the driver switches to high beam. [+more]

True North Wildland Pant

New for 2020, the True North Wildland Pant has been reengineered for a full range of motion, making it easier to move when you’re working on a steep side-slope, all while reducing chaffing at the same time. [+more]

True North FR Brush Shirt

The True North Brush Shirt is constructed from inherently flame-resistant fabrics (FR Fabrics) and is designed for use by wildland firefighters and any personnel that need to be safeguarded from thermal or fire exposure. [+more]