Vehicle Safety


All ECCO’s products, from beacons, lightbars, directional LEDs to back-up alarms and camera systems are designed to maximize vehicle visibility and reduce accidents all around the world.


Federal Signal Corporation

From warning lights to sirens and strobes, no one puts their name on a more industrial audible and visual signaling devices and communication systems. For a total understanding of what it takes to make your workplace work smarter and safer, turn to Federal Signal for a Total Solution.



The power of communication: to inform you, to warm you, of what you need to hear. FIAMM is the world’s leading supplier of HORNS, and is at the forefront of the research and development of technological innovations for multifunctional sound systems. FIAMM’s continue.



Grote Industries is a leading manufacturer and marketer of vehicle lighting and safety systems. Grote  was founded in the US over 100 years ago and has manufacturing locations in Canada, Mexico, and the United States. Grote provides a wide range of components for original equipment manufacturers and the vehicle aftermarket. Products include: SuperNova LED Signal Lighting, Perlux Forward Lighting, Flashers, Wire Harnesses, Reflectors and Conspicuity Tape and Mirrors.


MACS Engineering

MACS Engineering is a highly regarded light/medium engineering company and manufacturer, body builders and ROPS, and supplier of light vehicle third party equipment, accessories and associated support services to the mining, infrastructure, energy and government sectors.


Preco Electronics

Preco’s provide fleet managers, equipment operators and the heavy equipment industry with Collision Avoidence and Blind Spot Safety solutions.

PreView® is a solid-state, pulsed-radar object detect system engineered to alert vehicle operators of both moving and stationary obstacles. Designed to work in extreme environmental conditions, PreView® is the most reliable detection system on the market. Drivers need all the help they can get to protect lives, property and your bottom line.


Preco Safety

Back-Up Alarms and Warning Lights for Commercial Vehicles

Preco Safety Products offers a complete line of alarms with various sound levels and operating voltages to meet your alarm requirements on a broad range of equipment and work environment noise levels.

PreMier™ safety light line-up provides you with all the lighting that you need to outfit your commercial fleet vehicles. From shovels to dump haulers, to graders, and waste haulers, Preco lighting can illuminate for effective safety warning.


Safety Vision

Safety Vision provides fleet and heavy equipment operators with a full suite of onboard surveillance and collision avoidance camera systems, including in-vehicle camera systems that offer live and recorded video in multiple configurations.


TNG – Dragon Wear

Dragon Wear is True North Gear’s latest brand name addition to its Nomex Fleece range. The Exxtreme jacket has Rip Stop Nomex reinforcement patches on the forearm and shoulder areas for increased wear resistance.  Dragon Wear offers a complete range of jackets, pants, beanie, vest and high visibility jackets.


TNG – Drink

Drink Hydration Systems are a USA manufacturer that offer a high quality, rugged, hydration system that is fully portable and worn like a backpack.  The 3L/100oz reservoir is protected in an insulated pack that is ergonomically designed to provide the worker with comfortable and easy hands free access to cool water.


True North Gear

True North Gear is the parent company of Drink and offers a range of packs and equipment designed specifically for the Industrial worker.  All packs feature a patented suspension system that attaches the shoulder straps to the outside of the pack so that the load is pulled in and held securely against you.  True North offer a range of Wildfire packs, Search & Rescue packs, Structural Fire Fighting gear, Nomex Fleece, Travel, Campaign & Gear bags, Radio & Chest Harnesses.