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Vision X Cube Shockwave

August 2, 2021

The Vision X Cube Shockwave is one of the most adaptable lighting devices in the market. It is designed to be a direct replacement for fluorescent lighting fixtures, but it can do so much more. (more…)

ECCO 3rd Brake Light

July 29, 2021

Installing a permanent mount mini-bar or beacon requires drilling into roof your truck which many are hesitant to do, especially if it is their personal truck. (more…)

DragonWear Pro Dry Tech FR Workwear

July 27, 2021

Pro Dry Tech DragonWear products is there when your job requires clothing and gear as tough us you. Made for people working in the fire, search and rescue, utility, Petro chemical or any industry where fire resistant clothing is a must. (more…)

Vision X 10W Junction Box Light

June 17, 2021

Ineffective lighting for industrial stairwells and walkways can be a safety hazard for personnel.  So why take the risk unreliable poor quality fixtures. (more…)

J.W. Speaker Model 526 Dual-White Anti-Glare LED Work Light

June 13, 2021

Haul trucks on the mine-site are continuously running both day and night.  Haul truck operators need a light fixture that not only provides safe and sufficient light for the haul roads, but also a light that’s not too harsh, that it can be blinding to other operators – including vehicles that are oncoming. (more…)

Federal Signal eHorn-HV

June 13, 2021

Does your fleet of heavy machinery use an audible warning signal that can effectively cut through high ambient noise levels caused by other heavy worksite machinery? Can it also withstand the harsh operating environments often found in mining, ports and other busy extreme worksites? (more…)

Nightstick Adjustable Beam Headlamp

June 3, 2021

Maintenance personnel in mining, ports and industrial plants need a headlamp they can trust. The range of Nightstick  LED headlamps and torches by Bayco have a reputation for quality and reliability, and their rechargeable models provide another layer of versatility. (more…)

Phillips STA-DRY® Crimp & Seal Heat Shrink Terminals

June 2, 2021

Whenever you need to add an accessory to any mobile equipment or machinery, you need to be sure that your wire terminals are moisture free. Keeping moisture and road salts out of the wire terminals prevents wire corrosion and rusting. (more…)

APS LED Safety Whips

June 2, 2021

Light vehicles working night operations at the mine site, quarry or even recreational vehicles on the trails can run risk of collisions with other vehicles at night. (more…)

Vision X Dark Sky 50W Junction Box Light

June 2, 2021

Excessive light pollution at night can cause sky glow (halo over urban areas); glare (unused horizontal light); light trespass (unwanted light spilled over adjacent properties); and over-illumination (non-functional use of light). (more…)

ECCO ED0001 Series

May 31, 2021

The ECCO ED0001 Series of directional flashing lights are ideal for safety applications in surface and underground mining, construction, transportation, and municipalities. (more…)


May 31, 2021

Stairways, walkways and other lower areas on heavy vehicles and equipment require a work light that will not only exceed lighting for the safety of operators and personnel, but also hold up to high vibration and the harsh operating environment. (more…)

Federal Signal 52 Resonating Horn

March 23, 2021

Heavy machines that operate in close proximity to each other requires an effective audible warning signal that cuts through loud ambient noise levels. (more…)

Cole Hersee TR Series – Dual Pole Master Disconnect Switch

March 18, 2021

The Cole Hersee TR Series – Dual Pole Master Disconnect Switch is used to disconnect the battery (or multiple batteries), and the alternator or generator field circuit, so your vehicle will be immobile and electronically dead allowing you to carry out inspections and repairs safely. (more…)

J.W. Speaker Model 210 Solar LED Flasher Light

November 30, 2020

Warning lights are used to create a safer environment where humans and machine co-exist. Whether it’s operators of rail or mine vehicles to people travelling on a unlit country road, warning lights are a crucial safety device. (more…)

J.W. Speaker Model 93 Headlight

November 26, 2020

Are you concerned about lengthy downtime involved with pulling your fleet of buses, trucks, articulated haul-trucks, or agricultural tractors from critical operations just to replace a low cost headlight? (more…)

Federal Signal 52 Resonating Horn

November 10, 2020

It¹s extremely important to find an audible warning signal that can effectively penetrate the high ambient noise levels. (more…)

ECCO Pre-Built Mine Bar Range

November 8, 2020

Achieving LV lighting and safety standards often requires a myriad of devices; beacons, minibars, backup-alarms, work/alley lights, stop-tail lights, indicator lights, reversing lights, wiring looms – wondering where to start! (more…)

J.W. Speaker 8700 Evolution 3 LED Headlights

November 5, 2020

Basic stock-standard headlights on your fleet of trucks, buses, or utility vehicles do not provide the versatility, feature-set, or durability that you should expect. There is a light that offers so much more! (more…)

Tough Tools for Wildland Fire Fighters

November 1, 2020

When the heat is on during the summer fire season, you need to know that your equipment will be up to the task. (more…)

Looking to upgrade your Komatsu Haul Truck tail lights?

October 7, 2020

If you’re looking to upgrade the tail lighting of your Komatsu Haul Trucks fleet, or just stock up your maintenance yard with spares, then why not consider the new Vision X Komatsu Tail Light Kits. (more…)

Vision X 2 and 3 Digit LED VID Boards

October 1, 2020

Vehicle ID (VID) number boards allow personnel to quickly and easily identify vehicles and machinery on the mine or work site. However not all ID boards are built to run continuously in any weather conditions, and also have the flexibility for the ID to be changed as often as needed. (more…)

J.W. Speaker Model 538 & 539 Red/Green LED Indicator Lights

September 28, 2020

Indicator lights let the driver know if they need to buckle up or are good to go. Forklift and material handling vehicles are constantly on the move, and safety is paramount to provide protection for drivers, warehouse personnel, objects and other vehicles. (more…)

DragonWear Pro Dry® Tech Face Mask 5-pack

September 24, 2020

Many powerline and utility workers around the US are required to wear facial coverings on the job to meet the current health guidelines, but what about PPE masks that offer all-day protection from the harsh weather conditions? (more…)

ECCO 12+ Series Vantage SAE Class I LED Lightbar

September 21, 2020

There is really no need to look any further because this lightbar will be versatile enough for your vehicle warning device needs. (more…)

No More Dead Batteries!!

September 6, 2020

Vehicles and machinery rely on optimally charged batteries, however with the high amount of auxiliary/peripheral devices connected these days, dead batteries become more commonplace – and that means downtime! (more…)

J.W. Speaker Model 210 Solar LED Flasher Lights

August 31, 2020

Warning lights are used wherever there is a safety requirement and a power source. Sometimes there is a safety requirement but no power source. (more…)

Need a motorcycle headlight that fills the dark void while cornering?

August 16, 2020

The Adaptive Series of motorcycle headlights by J.W. Speaker gives you ‘ditch-to-ditch’ lighting to eliminate dark corners on sharp turns and a punch of light 457 metres (1,500 feet) down the road to give you a safer and more confident ride. (more…)

Klixon S Series Circuit Breakers

August 10, 2020

Protect your wiring from harsh environments with the Klixon S series thermal breakers. (more…)

Klixon C Series Circuit Breakers

August 6, 2020

Looking for a series of thermal breakers with wiring protection that can combat the harshest of environments? (more…)