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Bayco XPR-5590RX

Emergency services require powerful high-output scene lights that are robust to handle extreme environments. [+more]

ABL LED3000-500 Series

The ABL LED3000-500 Series is the perfect work light for mobile plant and equipment offering an exceptional output for such a low wattage fixture, with six LEDs producing 3000 effective lumens from just 36W. [+more]

Jeep Wrangler owners get excited!!!

The popular 7″ round LED headlight has just been revolutionized with its first street-legal turn signal built-in. Get powerful lighting punch both off and on-road while retaining DOT compliance. [+more]

True North Amabilis Duffel

Termed “the world’s toughest duffel”, the True North Gear Amabilis Duffel Bag packs in a wide range of performance features guaranteed to meet the high gear demands needed for industrial, FIFO and emergency services workers. [+more]

ECCO ED3700 Series

A compact design with the ability to fit confined mounting locations, the ECCO ED3700 Series has high-intensity LEDs for exceptional warning synchronization capability and SAE Class I operation. [+more]

ECCO ED7185 Series

ECCO’s EB7185 beacon provides the ultimate level of power, versatility and style.  [+more]

JW Speaker 8770 LED Locomotive Headlight

The most powerful FRA-approved replacement solution for 7″ locomotive headlights has just become even better with the release of a new Heated Lens version of the 8770 Locomotive, which provides added safety and increased visibility in snowy and icy conditions. [+more]

Penetrating High Ambient Noise Levels

When you’ve got heavy machinery operating within close proximity, it’s important to find an audible warning signal that can effectively penetrate the high ambient noise levels. [+more]

US Coal Mine – Warm-white Light Plant Conversion

A coal mine in the US approached APS to help solve their lighting dilemma – the high pressure sodium fixtures they were using on their light plant weren’t providing a sufficient light output, creating dangerous working conditions around the coal stockpile area. [+more]

Littelfuse Smart Glow Fuses

Smart Glow Fuses are innovative automotive-style fuses that feature an indicator light that glows when the fuse is blown, saving mechanics time that might be wasted on troubleshooting an open circuit. [+more]

Carmanah OL4 Solar Beacon

The OL4 is a lightweight, high-performance solar safety light designed for tough industrial locations such as mines and constructions zones. [+more]

True North Gear Fastback Pack

When the heat is on during the fire season, you need to know your equipment will be up to the task. The Fastback is the latest addition to the range of NFPA 1977-certified Wildland packs from True North, which has been manufacturing equipment to cope with the needs of firefighters for almost 30 years. [+more]

JW Speaker Model 777 LED ARC Warning Light

Combining a unique “keep out zone” with a sleek and practical design, the Model 777 LED safety light from JW Speaker is designed with various types of safety applications in mind. [+more]

ABL C700 Series

With multi-volt input, hardened glass lens, leading vibration and shock ratings and EMC protection, you can be sure that ABL¹s C700 range will outshine your expectations. [+more]