Safety Vision

September, 2014



We are Your Mobile Surveillance Company

Safety Vision has long been a driving force in the mobile video market. Since 1993, we have provided fleet operators in diverse industries with a full suite of onboard surveillance and collision avoidance camera systems. Click here to see our full Products Catalog for your mobile video solution.

Serving Fleet Operators Across Industries

We supply the public and private sectors with security video surveillance technology to enhance safety, reduce risk, improve productivity, and maximize profit. Our expertise is grounded in our long history and our thorough understanding of video technology applications across the mobile landscape:

The public safety, passenger transport, and first responder communities rely on our mobile digital recording technologies for evidentiary video and audio data in the event of accident or claim.

Fleet customers across many commercial transportation and heavy equipment industries use our collision avoidance camera systems to improve safety by enhancing driver visibility.

Many customers look to us for customized solutions that integrate these and other mobile systems and technologies.

We Bring Protection and Safety with Mobile Camera Solutions

Our solutions may reduce moving and backing accidents, prevent fraudulent claims and frivolous lawsuits, discourage vandalism and other crimes, and counter threats to public security. Whatever the business application, wherever the mobile environment, we are here to supply you with the mobile surveillance solutions and tools you need to safeguard people, protect investments, and improve operations.