Safety Vision SV-LCD56B-625KIT

Safety Vision SV-LCD56B-625KIT

Brand: Safety Vision
Origin: KOR

Safety Vision provides a wide range of collision avoidance camera systems and accessories to help you drive with a greater sense of safety and security.  Our affordable and rugged systems eliminate your blind spots giving you a clearer view of the area behind your vehicle and helping you avoid unnecessary accidents.

Wide Field of View
The compact 7” (177.8mm) and 5.6” (142.2mm) flat screen monitors take up minimal space while providing you with a clear view of your most vulnerable areas. Whether you have a single or multiple bind spots, this system will support up to two cameras (Model SV-CLCD56B) or four cameras (Model SV-CLDD70B), providing you with full coverage. The new SV-625B cameras provide 110o Field of View and in daylight a focal depth of 100ft (30.5m) and at night of approximately 35-40ft (10.7-12.2m).

High Performance
By day, enjoy images brilliant in color; and even in low illuminated conditions, you see the clearest image possible with the camera’s 18 infrared illuminators.

Whether you prefer the monitor to display as the vehicle is engaged in reverse gear or automatically activate when the vehicle starts, you can choose the best option suited to your driving needs. With the camera’s build in microphone, you can hear as well as see what’s behind you.

Qty Camera System Kit
1 SV-CLCD56B, 5.6″ (142.2mm) Flat Screen Monitor Kit
1 SV-625B, 2.6mm Lens Color Camera
1 SV-523, 65ft (25mm) Camera-Control Box Cable
1 SV-LCDCB-PKKIT, Dual Camera Control Box Kit
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Ship Weight: 6 lbs (2.72 kg)
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